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Our Most Asked Questions

How do I become an official?

You can contact contacting us and we can forward you information on the association in charge of the sport you would like to officiate, or you can look up the association contact info on the CHSAA website.

How can I view my schedules?

All schedules input by ASO are viewable on  If you work for an athletic department, you must contact us so we can set up your profile and grant you permission to view CHSAA groups.  We will only set up accounts for athletic department personnel that are published on a school staff directory as athletic department employees. 

How do I get paid for officiating?

Pay will come from the schools directly.  Officials must set up a RefPay account in Arbiter.  No special accommodations will be given.

How much do I get paid for officiating?

This varies depending on the sport and number of games worked.  CHSAA has published official game fees for all sports and official travel fees for public viewing. 

How much do you charge for your services?

To find out about our service rates, please contact us with the services you are inquiring about.

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